Happy Energy represents the human energy that you get when you go for a sustainable culture with a positive mindset. A culture that uses reusable products, clean energy and that maintains the natural diversity. We, the founders of Happy Energy, believe that we should make this decision. It is a matter of survival. First, you experience 'happy energy' when you choose less fossil, more durable. Second, positive energy multiplies when you share it. By working together, we are creating a movement that leads to a more sustainable world. A world in which Happy Energy stands for a lasting and positive lifestyle.
Signed by the founders: Erik Schoppen, Wubbo Ockels, Marleen Zoon.


In 2011 Happy Energy was started by Erik Schoppen, Wubbo Ockels, and Marleen Zoon. The idea - a positive mindset for a sustainable world, captured in the name 'happy energy' - originated a year earlier when Zoon, then president of the foundation NL2050 (a petition from former Dutch astronaut Ockels), asked Schoppen to think about a new identity for the foundation. Instead Erik came up with the term 'Happy Energy,' developed the vision ‘Happy Energy = Happy Planet = Happy Future’ and designed the Happy Energy sign as a universal symbol for sustainable and positive energy. This proved to fit in so well with everybody’s ideas and passions to inspire society in a positive way to create a liveable world, that in 2011 it was decided to join forces to create more awareness.
Unfortunately, Ockels passed away in 2014, and his wife Joos, Marleen and other board member Henriëtte Kruger continued spreading the vision through the Happy Energy foundation. Erik continued his research into trusting sustainability.
In 2020 the foundation transferred to a new board and a new mission.

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From left to right: E. Schoppen, W. Ockels, J. ockels, M. Zoon, H. Krüger.